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Pure Force Sales and Services, through our worldwide distribution network, offers the only true sustainable, 100% wool grease filter called  Naturalsorb-The original Grease Filter, it has been in existence since 2001 in Australia and New Zealand and brought to the USA in 2010.   Naturalsorb is The original Grease Filter, the patented and proven technology captures the grease before it enters your exhaust system, providing effective grease containment. This all natural filter offers you peace of mind and substantially reduces your expenses for repairs, maintenance, water, electricity, chemicals, labor and most importantly improves your facilities fire protection profile! The Naturalsorb Filter is the “original patented filter” and has been protecting hood systems for almost a decade! Let us show you how Naturalsorb-The Original Grease Filter  captures the grease, from the cook top to the roof top for your customer base and how you can become a safety shield distributor today. We are looking for distribution in many parts of the World. Our distribution does not charge you to sell in a territory, we only sell you product!  Others that have tried to duplicate our product lock you into territory fees, commitments, etc, we only want you to sell product and will help you every step of the way!  If your interested in a filter to help your customer base and ease your management of your customers grease, don’t use an imitation, use the original only 100% wool filter, Naturalsorb.

If you have a facility you would like protected and reduce the hassles grease causes you, do not hesitate to call us today to be connected to a local distributor.  Naturalsorb, winning through honesty, integrity and faith, you deserve the best!

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